Rockport Switchless Network

High performance, low-latency networking for resource-intensive workloads

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Built for modern data centers

The Rockport Switchless Network is a distributed, high performance, direct-interconnect solution modeled after the world's fastest supercomputers. Architected to achieve consistently fast and predictable performance, a Rockport network unlocks the ability to drive innovation across the data center.


Faster workload completion times (on average)


Reduced latency under load


Optimize your clusters

By virtually eliminating congestion under load, achieve better workload completion times and less idle resources.

Save time and money

Deploy a network in a fraction of the time, while reducing power, cooling, rack space, cabling and more.

Scale as you go

Start with what you need and build out the network in line with your workloads, deploy at your pace.

No more black box

See real-time, end-to-end traffic flows and troubleshoot network performance.

Streamlined by design.
Optimized for performance.

The Rockport Network Operating Software (rNOS) is at the core of the Rockport Switchless Network.

  • Makes the network self-discovering, self-configuring, and self-healing
  • Selects and continually optimizes the best path to minimize congestion and latency
  • Breaks packets down into smaller pieces (FLITs) to ensure high-priority messages are not blocked by large messages or bulk data transfers, further reducing latency

The rNOS software is deployed and managed using three main components to deliver ultra-low-latency and high bandwidth. No other data center compute resources required.

Rockport NC1225 Network Card

Installed in each compute or storage node, making the node the network

  • World’s first network card – 300Gbps fabric per node
  • 12 fiberoptic connections to the network (25Gbps each), with 8 best paths aggregated and continually optimized
  • Patented distributed FLIT switching for superior performance
  • Field-Upgradeable FPGA, so network always has the latest features
  • Standard Ethernet host interface (verbs and sockets)

Rockport SHFL

A passive optical interconnect that delivers plug-and-play, pre-wired supercomputing topologies in a box

  • Stunningly simple cabling solution for rapidly deploying large scale networks
  • Requires zero power or cooling
  • No specialized training required

Rockport Autonomous Network manager (ANM)

See inside your network to troubleshoot any issue or manage high-level features

  • Turn up your network automatically
  • Monitor the performance of individual nodes
  • Track end-to-end traffic flows
  • Manage system-wide settings
  • Optimize advanced features like ultra-high priority

Dive in

Learn more about Rockport’s unique switchless architecture. Download our Technology Primer.

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Increase performance. Reduce cost.

Removing traditional switches reduces power, cooling and cabling and minimizes manual configuration to provide an overall solution with drastically lower per-node TCO.

up to 69% savings in power, heat and cooling
up to 77% less space and weight in network
up to 72% less cables

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