TACC establishes new Center of Excellence with Rockport Networks 

Rockport Networks has announced a collaboration with the University of Texas’ Advanced Computing Center (TACC) to create a Center of Excellence in Austin, Texas. TACC houses Frontera, the fastest supercomputer on a university campus and the 10th most powerful supercomputer in the world. TACC has installed 396 nodes on Frontera running production workloads on Rockport’s switchless network including quantum computing, pandemic-related life sciences research as well as workloads focused on rapid responses to emergencies like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, and other large-scale disasters.  

“TACC is very pleased to be a Rockport Center of Excellence. We run diverse advanced computing workloads which rely on high-bandwidth, low-latency communication to sustain performance at scale.  We’re excited to work with innovative new technology like Rockport’s switchless network design,” stated Dr. Dan Stanzione, director of TACC and associate vice president for research at UT-Austin. “Our team is seeing promising initial results in terms of congestion and latency control. We’ve been impressed by the simplicity of installation and management. We look forward to continuing to test on new and larger workloads and expanding the Rockport Switchless Network further into our data center.” 


Watch the video to learn more about how Rockport and TACC are fueling innovation in academic supercomputing environments:   



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